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Section 16(a) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Closure of: C155 (Part) High Street, C155 (Part) The Wharf, Bewley Lane, Naish Hill (Part), Mons Lane (Part), Nethercote Street (Part), Church Street (Part), East Street, and Naish Hill / Bewley Lane North (Part), Lacock (Ref: TTRO 5674)

Map        Diversion Route     Closure Notice


This is to give members of the Parish and visitors to Lacock advance warning that starting on March 18th work will begin on the Recreation Ground to extend the children’s play area. Playforce are our managing contractor. During the works, which will last for 2/3 weeks, the existing playground will remain open but the former tennis court will be closed. The Parish Council and the National Trust are jointly funding this development which will be established in front of the tennis court and contain a new large piece of play equipment designed for slightly older children (7- 12 years). The 2 play pieces now in the playing field will also be moved into the new area. The playground will become one larger space when the existing end fence is removed and new fencing erected at the end of works. A diagram of the layout of this development is shown below and the plan is to have all areas available for Easter…..but it will take the grass a little longer to grow through the new rubber safety matting.

Contravention of the 7.5 tonne weight restriction

Around Lacock Village, Mons Lane, Hither Way, Bowden Hill and Reybridge there is a 7.5 tonne weight restriction on all large vehicles entering this zone. This restriction is in place for the safety of road users & pedestrians and to preserve our historic bridges and buildings.

The Law is clear that ALL vehicles over 7.5 tonne, including tractors with trailers, are prohibited from using the roads in this zone, unless they need to gain access to deliver/collect goods or to work in the fields within this zone. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes cannot use the zone to drive straight through to other destinations. But this is what is happening. Many vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, including tractors with trailers, are often being seen ignoring the 7.5 tonne restriction.

If you see any large Lorries and agricultural vehicles you believe are contravening the Law then:-
1. Make a note of the vehicle description with distinguishing markings (colour, make of vehicle or logo), registration number, place, date and time

2. Take a few photos on your mobile phone if you can, that may be easier
Report the incident to the police, dial 101 and give the details under
reference number 5418 0052 407 for the safety of us all.  The incident can also be reported by email  again using the reference above.