Emergency & Flooding


Lacock village and the area covered by Lacock Parish Council has both the River Avon and tributaries including Byde Brook flowing through and is therefore at risk of flooding occurring to land and properties following heavy or prolonged rain.

Additionally there are a large number of ditches, which can become blocked and cause localised flooding of areas of the village and properties within.

For more information please see the Lacock Flood Plan.


Lacock Flood Warnings

If your property is at risk of flooding, we would urge you to sign up for flood warnings and alerts by:

  • calling the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188
  • registering for Flood Warnings on the Environment Agency Website.   www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings
  • If you know of elderly, infirm or vulnerable neighbours who may be at risk of flooding, please encourage them to provide their details via email to lacockflood@gmail.com so we can ensure that they are safe and early assistance is provided should a severe flood warning be issued by the Environment Agency

Lacock Flood Safety

The flooding in Lacock, once the rain stops and the sun returns, can look idyllic, however flood waters can always be dangerous:

  • Do not attempt to walk or cycle through flood waters. The main floods in the area are caused by the river Avon busting it’s banks. This is a major river with a strong current, and it can easily sweep pedestrians away.
  • Do not attempt to drive through flood waters – many cars have low air intakes and if water enters the engine it can be destroyed.
  • Please respect the “Road Closed” signs when they are put out.

Power Cuts

Being a rural parish, Lacock can be susceptible to power cuts. To report a power cut, or get up to date information including estimated reconnection times, please call 105.

WHAT IS 105?

  • 105 is a new three-digit number that people can call to report or get
    information about power cuts.
  • You can also call 105 with any welfare concerns related to a power
    cut, or if you are worried about the safety of over or underground
    electricity cables or substations.
  • 105 is free of charge and will put you through to your electricity
    network operator. You can call 105 from most landlines and
    mobile phones.
105 powercut