A350 Melksham Bypass

A350 Melksham Bypass

Wiltshire County Council have released a new consultation pack containing the details of what they refer to as the “Emerging Option” for the proposed A350 Melksham Bypass. Responses to the consultation pack are required by 8th August 2021. The following links are some of the key documents for the consultation. For more information please see the WCC Project Website at the bottom of this page.

There are road developments to the north of Lacock. The Future Chippenham Distributor Road now has a preferred route. See Future Chippenham Distributor Road for more details.

Emerging Option – Consultation July 2021

The Wiltshire Council Consultation Pack: Melksham Bypass 2nd Consultation Information Pack – June 2021.pdf (wiltshire.gov.uk)

Detailed map of the proposed route: Emerging Bypass Map (wiltshire.gov.uk)

Wiltshire County Council “Fly Through” video of the emerging option Proposed A350 Melksham bypass: route Option 10c – (YouTube)

We ask for all submissions to the Parish Council be sumbitted by the 1st August 2021 in order that we may formulate and submit a collective reponse on behalf of the residents. We understand that is a short timescale, but these are the dates given to us by WCC. We have asked for an extension to the consultation period but have not had a response as yet.

First Consutation – November 2020

For reference, below are the intial consultation documents published by Wiltshire County Council, and the results from that consultation period.

Melksham Bypass Consultation Report: Melksham Bypass Public consultation report FINAL 18-03-21 (wiltshire.gov.uk)

Melksham Bypass Initial Consultation (Nov 2020): Melksham Bypass Consultation Information Pack (wiltshire.gov.uk)

Wiltshire County Council Project Website

All consultation documents, plus a range of FAQ’s and other information can be found at the A350 Melksham Bypass Project Website: A350 Melksham bypass – Wiltshire Council