The Parish Council

You may have seen our Parish Steward (PS), with a bright yellow pick up vehicle, marked in Ringway livery in Lacock parish. The PS is employed by the Ringway Company.  Lacock Parish Council (LPC) pays a daily rate for these services. The PS works in our Parish 1 ½ days each month.

Duties are to keep the Parish neat and tidy and make minor repairs, such as inspecting and cleaning road signage, hand cut vegetation obscuring visibility, removing roadside and footpath vegetation, hand clearing blocked drains, gulleys and drainage grips, repairing small potholes in the road and on footpaths and hand spraying weeds. Work is limited to these duties and he only works on Wiltshire Council (WC) Highway’s land.

The PS cannot undertake work requested by individuals, who ask him in the street. Requests and reports should be directed to the Parish Council (LPC) and to WC if it is important requiring urgent attention.

Stuart Gregory is the LPC councillor responsible and receives requests for work to be done from the LPC, Parish individuals and the Parish Steward.

Based on these requests, a spreadsheet is submitted to WC containing the schedule of work for the next month, with priorities 1 to 5.

Stuart gives monthly report to the LPC on what has been done in the past month and any work identified to be done in the following month.

For example, in December 2019, the PS cleared some of the roadside gullies and grips, cleared leaf debris from Hitherway and Lovers walk, patched some road potholes in Corsham Road, hand cleared part of the overgrown footpath on the A350 from Notton towards Lackham. The PS also, obtained the use of the road sweeper vehicle to clean the Village gutters.