The Parish Steward

The Parish Steward Initiative

Lacock Parish Council has kindly been given the services of a steward who will undertake a number of jobs within the village that now fall out of the auspices of Wiltshire council’s services that were provided to the Parish.

These services are not by any means exhaustive but are generally concerned with the aesthetic look of the village. To give you an idea of the services of offer please read the Terms of reference below.

Hand clearing of small grips.
Rodding of small culverts and manholes.
Hand cleaning of road gully tops.
Filling small potholes with cold asphalt.
Hedge trimming around road signs to maintain visibility, but not wholesale hedge cutting as this needs to be done by landowner.
Washing Highway signs.
Over-run damage.
Strimming of grass verges for visibility at junctions and of Highway signs.
Streaming out overgrown vegetation obstructing footpaths and pavements.
Spraying and clearing weeds, debris and leaves in road edges, gutters and pavements, but not picking litter.
Painting railings, away from water.

When observed, reporting any damaged or missing road signs or drain covers to Wiltshire Council.
The Parish Steward deals direct with the PC representative, Stuart Gregory, rather than going through the local WC Engineer.
The Priority Work Sheets, listing work to be done, are passed directly by Stuart Gregory to the PS who subsequently advises when the works are completed and those remaining still to be undertaken.


Parish Steward Worksheet
Parish Steward Worksheet

Parishioners are invited and encouraged to submit suggestions to be added to the outstanding workbook. Please email here or contact Stuart Gregory who is managing this aspect of work.